Online Creative Strategy, SEO & Keyword Planning

The most misleading thing about SEO is that you just need to do it once. And that's not true. If you want search engines to shout your site on their first page, then you need to get your hands dirty every now and then. With Dancing Candles, you dont need to worry about all that. 

Email Marketing

Over 50% online sales happen due to smart, engaging and interactive emailers. An effective emailer should always have a clear agenda with several call to action touch points. There is no doubt that a good emailer can lead to conversions or increase awareness about your brand. 

Social Media Management

So you have a Facebook page integrated with Twitter. And you are pretty smooth with both of them too. But do your customers really stop by to like your page or respond to your tweets. Furthermore, do you really get time to maintain your brand's social status. Bitter Truth eh!

Online Marketing, SEM, PPC, Adwords

Think of around a dozen sales guys all dressed up and waiting on popular search engines 24 x 7. They pop up when they see a potential customer, who is most likely to buy your services. And you get billed only if they agree to come to your store.

Digital Marketing Services that Compliment your business.

Not Complicate them. 

Great business marketing plans are built around people, trust & new age marketing solutions. 

Usually when people think of going digital, they think its about stepping out of their comfort zones. But we really don't blame them for thinking like that. Traditional media has been around and proving its credibility, even today. It's not easy to replace it. But what clients dont realize is that now people refer to the internet to make informed decisions for every purchase that they make. They talk to online communities to get the best advice. And it's only rising. So the first thing we do is clear the myth. We present them with facts and figures that open their eyes. And their doors for our next meet. We tell them how digital media has become such a strong influencer. And how we can enable them to be a part of this wave. 

As a hard working honest digital marketing agency, we design & deliver digital marketing solutions that are built around your needs. And your business. We deploy tools and unleash strategies that focus on your key business challenges and core requirements. All in all, we make you believe that its not about stepping out of your zone. But simply expanding the perimeter of scope that your business has. 


And we are all about the above