Sound Good! How can I get started? 

Great to hear that. You can get started by simply hitting the below button. Expect a call from from the DCNP team to help you understand more about being the Dancing Candles Network Partner. A perfect start to becoming an entrepreneur. 

Can I buy Domains for my clients?

Yes, you can. As a Dancing Candles Network Partner, you have complete access to our online store that lets you search and buy domains for your clients. 

How much profit will I make as a Dancing Candles Network Partner? 

As a Dancing Candles Network Partner you will have a handsome profit sharing ratio for all the business you get in. We'd love to explain you more about how we can fire up your entrepreneurial dreams and help you set up your office through Dancing Candles Entrepreneur support system. 

Can I run my own name even though I'm a DCNP?

Of course you can. The Dancing Candles Network Partner Program is all about freedom and flexibility. You can have your own firm name with a suffix that you are a Dancing Candles Franchisee that gives you the credibility of running a full service Digital Marketing agency. 

Realize your dreams to become an Entrepreneur. 

Make a Career in Digital Marketing with Dancing Candles!

Become a Dancing Candles Network Partner & kickstart your career in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing's not all that simple. Then again, neither is it all that difficult. 

Everyone wants to be a part of this is new rage called Digital Marketing. And everyone seems to think it's all about sharing and tweeting. However, there is lot more meat than that. Digital Marketing is a culmination of well addressed strategy, engaging digital assets, and some great creative ideas that all come together to create that so called engagement. 

So how do we make it easy for you? 

Come home to Dancing Candles' Network Partner Program; a one of its kind networking program that puts you in the driving seat, while we are busy playing in the backseat. This is how it works. We assume that you are strong with your entrepreneurial skills and have probable clients who are showing interest to get their brand spearheaded with Digital Marketing. But you don't have the expertise to strategise and execute on the digital front. However, by becoming a Dancing Candles' Network Program Partner, get the expertise and support of a full service digital marketing agency and its brand endorsing your status as a Digital Marketer. 

How does this all work? 

It's all very simple. As soon as you become a Dancing Candles' Network Partner (DCNP), you become a Dancing Candles Franchisee. We give you basic training to update you with our products and services, essential stationary, listing on our site and perhaps everything you need to announce yourself as a Digital Marketing Entrepreneur with Dancing Candles. 

After this, the world is your playground. You can approach your current clients and pitch for new ones like a seasoned entrepreneur with Digital Marketing Expertise. Here is how it all works. You start approaching probable clients and tell them about your cool new entrepreneurial venture in Digital Marketing as a DCNP. Knowing you, it shouldn't be a problem in getting them all interested. You understand your client's requirements. You come to us, where we lay down a strategy report and prepare a digital business plan for your client. If necessary, we don't even mind assisting you. Once all approved, our team focusses on the creative execution, giving you enough time to attend to your client's new requirements. Or rather collecting new clients. So we do all the work, while you earn the accolades. And some real good profit out of all the business you just got. 

The cool advantage of becoming a Dancing Candles Network Partner is that you are your own boss. And the volume of your business is determined by how much effort you put in. Whether you come to us the next day or after a year, you can expect the same creative effort and back end technical assurance from the Dancing Candles team. Time to get you going with your entrepreneurial dream. 

Whom is it for? 

Good Question. To start with, it's definitely for all those who have an entrepreneurial spirit in them. Moving on, this program is perfect for: 

  • Freelance Website Designers and Developers

  • Ambitious Homemakers 
  • Working Women who want to bounce back, start a second Innings with flexible work environments
  • Smart Professionals looking to start a new-age venture
  • Website Developing Companies who'd like to team up with Dancing Candles to service their current client's Digital Marketing needs
  • Freelance Media Professionals, Advertising Consultants