Leverage the power of Social Media to expand your business.

Learn Social Media to expand your business: Exclusive 2 Day Intensive Workshop that takes you through all that you need to harness the power of social media to grow your business beyond its usual circumference.

The extensive 2 day boot camp has been put together by industry’s known players who have covered everything from basics to advanced skills to impart all the know-how you need to maintain your social media accounts.

So how does this work for you? 

From understanding how to plan an effective marketing strategy to deep diving into the core of social media channels, this workshop helps young business entrepreneurs and brand / marketing managers understand the do's and don'ts of social media and harvest its energies to produce pure business results. This workshop is strongly recommended for business owners and brand / marketing managers who prefer to handle their social media on their own.

Here's what gets you super-ready to handle Social Media for your business? 

From the word go, we take you through what is crucial and all that's been missing. So here's what you will learn: 

  • How to create a marketing strategy for your business
  • How to make a website on your own (Yes, You read that right!)
  • Registering and Making your business appear on Google
  • How to Choose Social Media Channels that are right for your business
  • Power up your business through FB’s Business page and its tools
  • Understanding Instagram and its tools
  • How to use Twitter
  • Why LinkedIn means business
  • How to use FB Adverts (includes audience selection)
  • Use of Pixel (A code that brings knocks at your customer’s door again and again and again and again….until they come to you)
  • Instagram Ads
  • The magic of user- generated content
  • Tips and Tricks to make your posts effective: Get familiar with online graphic designing tools, hacks, and tips to craft creative content.
  • How to shoot images that garner more response on social media
  • The power of Hashtags and how to use them
  • The power of effective social media content

Whom is it for? 

  • Self-Driven Business Professionals, Entrepreneurs, SMEs, Brand / Marketing Managers who'd like to harness the power of Social Media to boost their business. 
  • Ambitious Homemakers who'd like to learn Social Media Management to grow family businesses.
  • Working Women who want to bounce back, start a second Innings with flexible work environments.
  • Smart Professionals looking to start a new-age venture in the field of Digital Marketing.
  • ​Freelance Media Professionals, Advertising Consultants who'd like to get acquainted / upgrade themselves with Social Media Management Skills.
  • Retired personnel who still have fire in the belly to explore online business opportunities. 

Know your Speaker

Vikram Manghnani is the founder of Dancing Candles, Navi Mumbai’s leading digital marketing agency that specializes in Social Media and Google advertising.
He has rich advertising, marketing and branding expertise of over 18 years and has now transitioned in to the digital space with Dancing Candles. 

Vikram has closely worked with nascent brands and helped them grow in to larger businesses with his deft social media skills. In this workshop, he is eager to educate the millennial entrepreneur on how to use the hidden power of social media to augment their brand and reach out to the correct audience with ease and ability. 

More Work. Less Blah Blah.

We understand when you invest your time for business. Which is why we have designed this workshop to be less of theory and more of practicals, so you can get a feel of the real thing, then and there. 

The workshop is hands on, which means you get to start working real time on your social media channels from the minute we get started. You are taken through all the essentials that help you manage your social media pages and adverts like a pro, by the end of the 2 Day session. 

How soon can I start working on my business' Social Media assets? 

Let's just say, as soon as you're done. Our experts will expose you to every basic essential to tap the power of Social Media for your business. And also show you the way forward, which depends on how much further are you willing to go. 

What do you need to know? 

  • All participants need to come with their laptops and phones since this will be a hands on practical session. 
  • Sessions will be on 2 consecutive days from 11AM - 5PM.

Do I need any kind of programming skills or have an IT background to do this program?

A BIG NO. All you need to have is basic computer knowledge, and decent English Speaking Skills. If you have managed to understand what's written here, then you are ready to join this program. 

Can I work on my own business page during this program?

Of course you can. The 2 Day Boot Camp for Entrepreneurs by Dancing Candles is all about doing things to get you ready for business on Social Media channels. You can build your own page, work on them, and practically train on live projects! 

Sounds Good! How can I get started? 

Great to hear that. You can get started by simply hitting the below button and filling out a form. And we will take over the rest. 

Time to get you online like a PRO. 

You will need to invest 2 Days (11 AM - 5 PM) and INR7500 to empower yourself with this new-age skill

Are you a Self-Driven Entrepreneur?

Are you a Marketing Manager who needs to upgrade your skills to manage Online Social Media channels?

Would you like to harness the power of Social Media to grow your business? 

Would like to run Social Media Campaigns for your business like a PRO?

Then this 2 Day Boot Camp on Social Media Marketing / Management 

with Dancing Candles is just what you need!