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In today's world of DIY tools, it really doesn't take much to be an online success. But wouldn't you rather concentrate on your business and let us do the doing? Learn all that we do to make your business an online success. Organically! 

Be Found with SEO

How many times have you searched yourself on the internet. Let's admit the truth. It does make you feel like a star doesn't it? Well, it feels better when your customers tell you that they found you through the internet. Click here to know more how we can make it happen. 

Welcome to Dancing Candles. A full service digital marketing agency in Navi Mumbai

Let's be Honest Here!

" We tell you exactly what we have done. And what all we can do."
--Vikram Manghnani CEO & Founder

We’re pretty new to this game. Literally a year old. We’re telling you this because honesty is a great relationship builder. So we don't make irresponsible promises. Or tall claims. We tell you exactly what we have done. And what all we can do. We don't mind learning something from you. And we don't mind being more than just your digital marketing agency. 

It is this philosophy and thought that has won us some of our start up clients. And they love what we’ve done and are yet doing for them. That’s Great Honest Work. So if you think, you’d like to talk to people who come clean with what they are capable of doing, talk to us. Just to let you know, we know our way around. So it really shouldn't be a problem meeting you wherever you feel is convenient. Here’s to Honesty. Cheers! 

Talk smarter with our website content writers

VMC - Dancing Candles's content partner can create engaging and interactive content for website, social media, blogs etc. Our content writing, curating and development services are enriched with keywords that makes every word on your site and ads work harder.

Buy your Domain Name through us

Looking for that perfect domain name for your online business? Just click here and book a domain name of your choice in a matter of few minutes. 

Website Designs starting from INR 9999/-

From designing a basic site to putting together the most complex website with intricate CMS systems, Dancing Candles can fire up your business engines for optimum performance.